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Lyme - The Bug That Plays Hide and Seek

Discussion in 'Articles on Health and Nutrition' started by Nutrition_Observer, Dec 15, 2016.

By Nutrition_Observer on Dec 15, 2016 at 11:39 PM
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    Lyme disease is a bacterial infection Borrelia burgdorferi (B. burgdorferi) , this infection has caused many intense pain and lasting health problems.

    It is transmitted by a tick bite. Lyme comes in three basic forms: Spirochete, Cell Wall Deficient, and L-form. In addition Lyme has the ability to change is surface protein's this ability is used to prevent the immune system from launching a continual effective attack against the invading bacteria.

    There are multiple tests that are used to detect Lyme disease they include: Western Blot, IgW, and IgM. Many doctors have adopted the position that in order to have a diagnosis of Lyme disease that at least one of the tests mentioned is positive.

    The behavior of Lyme is that the body can be affected by the disease, but it can be hidden from the immune system. The result is that there are no antibodies that are fighting it. The tests mentioned above do not test for Lyme disease, but for the antibodies that fight Lyme.

    The effect of this type of diagnosis is that there are many people who are suffering from Lyme disease, but many clinical professions tell their patients they do not have Lyme. This results in people living in suffering and their bodies experiencing permanent damage. There are some in the medical community who believe that 30% to 40% of Lyme cases are not diagnosed due to this.

    Instead of receiving treatment for Lyme they are told that they are suffering from Multiple Sclerosis instead. Effective early treatment is not provided. There is a test that can detect Lyme when it is hiding and it is the PCR, but it is not commonly used.

    The antibodies of the immune system examine the surface proteins of various items in the body. When a protein structure is found that the antibody recognizes it attacks the foreign item. Lyme has the ability to change its surface proteins and this allows it to avoid attack.

    The modern medical treatment of Lyme disease is antibiotics. It is important to note that even after a significant course of antibiotics one can still have Lyme, and that it may mutate into another form. When this happens the disease hides within the body waiting to make a return to its active form.

    One of the things that Lyme does when it is under attack is to release a Neurotoxin “nerve agent”. Lyme is something that needs to be taken seriously.

    When it comes to modern medicine and Lyme. There are a few items that are lacking. The ability to identify the issue in many people early on, and then to provide an effective and lasting treatment.

    There are multiple alternative treatment that many people have tried and have found to work successfully.

    IV Vitamin C is a high dose of Vitamin C delivered straight to the blood supply. It is important to note that many people who have tried Vitamin C supplements orally did not get better, but in fact got worse, while those using IV Vitamin C got better. This is due to the difference between the method of transport and the dosage difference between the two ways. For greater detail on this see the IV Vitamin C article. The biggest problem with IV Vitamin C is that people do not uses a dose as large as it should be to effective.

    There have been numerous studies over the years showing the benefit of IV Vitamin C for various health problems. It is interesting to note the response of the medical profession and government regulators has been to discourage or limit access to IV Vitamin C.

    The following protocol has been reported to be helpful that one may not hear from their doctor.

    Elderberry is considered to be an immune system booster and also has been said to be helpful for dealing with Lyme.

    The Budwig protocol has also seen to be helpful as it boosts energy to the cells within the body. In addition to boosting the body's immune system. There is an article of the Budwig protocol.

    Before taking antibiotics make sure you understand all the effects that they have upon your body. This is covered in the antibiotics review.

    There is not an easy answer to the issue of Lyme disease as it is one that can be hard to find, has the ability to go into hiding when it senses it is under attack, and can change its form.


Discussion in 'Articles on Health and Nutrition' started by Nutrition_Observer, Dec 15, 2016.

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