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IV Vitamin C - C the Power

Discussion in 'Articles on Health and Nutrition' started by Nutrition_Observer, Dec 15, 2016.

  1. Nutrition_Observer

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    Vitamin C has long been acknowledged by many people over the years to have many great properties for healing.

    There are several major benefits of Vitamin C. It is an immune system booster, antioxidant, and a detoxifier.

    There are reports of people having the following issues helped by IV Vitamin C: Arthritis, Cancer, Lyme disease, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Hepatitis, Chronic Fatigue.

    The most typical form of taking Vitamin C is orally and is good for low dosage applications. There is a second method of getting Vitamin C, it is known as IV Vitamin C. This is for high dosage application.

    People who have taken high dosage IV Vitamin C have seen great health benefits over those of low dosage orally taken Vitamin C. For example people suffering with Lyme disease have gotten worse taking low dosage orally, but better with high dosage IV Vitamin C.

    One of the hindrances to Vitamin C therapy is that people use a dosage that is too low. Think of it this way. If someone had gone on a five mile hike in the desert and had a single teaspoon of water to deal with their dehydration. They could not honestly say that they took action to sufficient action to resolve the problem. One does not eat a reasonable sized meal one week and ask why they are hungry the next week.

    When it comes to sustaining our body we need to have a proper balance of quantity and frequency of food and water. The same is true when taking something to help when something is out of balance.

    I have seen people start the process of dealing with a health issue acknowledge that they have measurable progress and then stop. It is sad to see someone who you know can make a better recovery, but they make the decision to allow only a partial recovery.

    When considering using IV Vitamin C be careful not to stop the process short of all the benefit that you can receive.

    There are two ingredients that are commonly used IV Vitamin C. The primary one is Ascorbic acid and the one secondary used is Sodium Ascorbate acid. The experience of Dr. Robert F. Cathcart, III, MD indicates that Sodium Ascorbate is better tolerated by many of his patients.

    There is a study in which people were able to take 300,000 mg on a daily basis for 8 weeks without any adverse health consequences or effects. This sounds like a large number, but t shows that a high dosage over an extended period of time is possible.

    The dosage that many people use is 50,000 mg at a time, don’t let the number scare you. This is less than 20% of 300,000 mg number.

    What enables Vitamin C to be so beneficial to the body is that it stimulates the flow of electricity throughout the body.

    When one thinks of the goat they think of an animal that is able to eat almost anything and yet remain healthy. Vitamin C may play a key part in this. Humans are not able to produce their own Vitamin C, but goats are able to produce their own Vitamin C. It is believed that goats produce 100,000 mg of vitamin C daily when faced with life-threatening degrees of infectious or toxic stress. The goats ability to produce Vitamin C is 13 times greater than that cats or dogs. Is this why cats and dogs need more medical attention that goats do?

    The design of the goat is one that was based upon knowing the goat will eat anything, but humans upon the principle that they have reason and will eat that which they know to be healthy. When one considers the level that the goat is able to produce Vitamin C the dosage if IV Vitamin C does not seem to be so high after all.

    To put this in context the typical orange has 70 mg of Vitamin C. When one is dealing with a serious health issue eating a bag full of oranges does not provide the level of Vitamin C that research has shown is even close. Raw organic oranges do have a great benefit due to other properties, but the level of Vitamin C needed is much greater than they can provide.

    IV Vitamin C is looked down upon by many in the medical community and in some countries they are trying to hinder its use.. There is a large number of people who have felt the benefits of it. In addition there is a large number of scientific studies undertaken that show its benefit.

    This is something that someone with a serious issue related to the immune system should consider.

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