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Candida - The Bad Yeast

Discussion in 'Articles on Health and Nutrition' started by Nutrition_Observer, Jan 20, 2016.

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    Candida - The Bad Yeast​

    Yeast is something that is all around us, and there are many beneficial forms of it. Wine is made from the yeast that is upon grapes. The most famous process is where yeast is used to make bread.

    In this world things that are good also have a form that has been corrupted. This is known as the battle between good and evil. A corrupt form of yeast is Candida.

    Candida is a yeast that is to be in the colon. When there is a healthy balance between yeast and bacteria Candida will remain confined to the colon.

    There is a problem that happens when Candida migrates out of the colon into other parts of the body. For women it is easier to know if they have an abnormally high amount of Candida in their body, this is known as a yeast infection.

    A yeast feeds on the sugars that are in the body. They typical Western diet is one that has lots of refined sugars, processed foods, and sterilized (natural yeasts, bacteria, and enzymes have all been destroyed). This means that there is a high level of food for Candida, but little competition.

    The result is that Candida grows out of control and disrupts that the body was designed to have. In addition to this Candida also produces toxins.

    There is another serious issue and this is that it disrupts the balance in the bodies immune system. It is thought that this leads to the rise of food based allergies that has been seen.

    When one takes antibiotics almost all the bacteria and yeast that one has is destroyed in the digestive tract. There have been studies that have seen an linkage between food based allergies, asthma and antibiotic usage.

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