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Budwig protocol - Mixing Oil and Water

Discussion in 'Articles on Health and Nutrition' started by Nutrition_Observer, Jan 20, 2016.

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    The Budwig Protocol was developed by Dr. Johanna Budwig. It has been seen have helped many people with a variety of ailments including: Arthritis, Cancer, MS, Diabetes, hardening of the arteries, Liver and Heart problems. When I look at this list it is one of the health problems that are most common and most serious.

    It is taking 1/4 cup of organic low fat cottage cheese and a couple of tablespoons of organic cold pressed flax seed oil, whipped together with a hand held immersion mixer. Twice daily.

    It is important to note that some of the cottage cheese produced today is different than the cottage cheese that Dr. Budwig used in her research. There are substitutes that can be used. In the United States Kefir is widely available, and in certain parts of Europe Quark is available. Both of these are good substitutes if one can’t find traditionally made cottage cheese.

    When buying flax seed oil make sure that what you get is 100% flax seed oil and has not been mixed with other oils. The purity of the oil is important. Barlean’s is a brand that is committed to selling high quality oil for example.

    The benefits of taking Omega-3 oils is well known. The research at times seems to show incredible positive results and others times this is not the case. This can be due to the source of the Omega-3 and the way that it has been processed and stored. In addition there is the question as to how it is introduced to the body changing its effective absorption rate. The Budwig Protocol addresses these issues when followed.

    The Budwig Protocol’s goal is to maximize the the effective absorption of Omega-3 oils. This is to provide the building blocks to strengthen the cell ways. In addition it works is to bring oxygen that brings life to healthy cells, and oxygen also kills cancer cells.

    What many do not grasp is how effective against toxins known to produce cancer this is. In her Lecture “Flax Oil as a True Aid for Arthritis, Heart: Infarction, Cancer &: Other Diseases” she said the following: “The following animal tests are very conclusive: When animals breathe in relatively large amounts of cigarette smoke i.e. benzopyrene; it is proved that cancer does occur. In parallel tests, animals were concurrently fed with flax seed or flax seed oil. These animals did not become ill.”

    That is something that one needs to let sink in as they prepare to read the rest. There is something that is inexpensive and can be truly effective. Considering how this has been demonstrated to work on cancer one needs to think about other health issues could be helped.

    Copernicus is considered by some to the the father of modern astronomy. In the same way, I consider Dr. Johanna Budwig to be the mother of Omega-3 oil research and application.

    In her lecture she also spoke that about the seeming contradiction: “Fat can dissolve tumours and fat can cause tumours.” The reason for this the type of fat and the processing that the fat has been exposed to. For more details on this see the article “The skinny on fats”.

    The human body and the cells that compose it are water based. Blood is composed of 92 percent water, and the brain and muscles are 75 percent water.

    Oil and water do not mix easily. When one makes a salad dressing with oil and vinegar it takes a lot of shaking to get them to mix. This is easy to do with a salad dressing, but not with the human body. Through the process called emulsification.

    When one takes Omega-3 oils some of them are absorbed by the body. The Budwig Protocol seeks to increase the absorption rate of Omega-3 to the individual cells in the body.

    When an oil is exposed to a sulfa (not sulfur), there is a change it its properties and the oil can become water soluble. This is the key that makes the Budwig protocol work. The simplicity of this method is one that makes it very appealing.

    There are two ingredients: flax oil for the Omega 3’s and cottage cheese for the sulfa.

    The effective combination of the oil and cottage cheese makes more bio-available. It is important to use a high quality oil that has a minimal amount of toxic chemicals in it. It is also important that the oil be as fresh as possible and has not been exposed to air or sunlight a these cause the oil to go rancid and lose its beneficial properties.

    There is a simple tool that brings all this together, it is the common handheld blender. Blend one cup of cottage cheese and four tablespoons of flax seed oil. It has been reported that people who are Lactose intolerant do not have an issue with, due to the changes that happen during the blending process. Blend till creamy, only use a handheld immersion blender and not a countertop blender this will prevent too much air from being introduced to the mixture.

    Use low fat cottage cheese, the reason for this is that one is seeing to bind the cottage cheese and flax seed oil. The more fat in the cottage cheese has the harder this will be. When mixing keep in mind that oxygen makes the flax oil go rancid, so avoid trying to introduce air into the mixture. You may find it easier to use a container that is not in the shape of a perfect circle.

    Flax seed oil is one that turns rancid within 10 to 15 minutes. There are three things than make of oil rancid or oxidized it: light, heat, and oxygen. To prevent this keep the oil in the refrigerator and use quickly after the bottle has been opened.

    If you use ground flax seed they should be used within 10 to 15 minutes of grinding. In the lectures of Dr Budwig she mentions the mixing of raw honey (not typical supermarket honey) to the ground flax seed as a way of preserving the flax seed.

    The foundation of this Budwig protocol is based upon the first observable difference that was seen between cancerous and non-cancerous cells was isolated fat in the cell nucleus, cell body, and cytoplasma. The issue of fat is one this complex in nature and can be found in other articles. The cells of our body are dependent upon unsaturated fats in the cell wall.

    There are some fats that are beneficial to and actually are required by the body. There are other fats the body does not recognize and rejects them. These rejected fats cause many health problems. This is why research has shown that fat can both dissolve and cause tumors.

    Flax seed oil has unsaturated fats and essential fatty acids and this is what makes it so beneficial to the body.

    The usage of flax oil is not confined to only the cottage cheese mixture. Dr Budwig also wrote the Oil Protein Diet Cookbook.

    It is commonly reported that cancer treatment based upon the Budwig protocol have a cure rate between 80% and 90%. Considering how many people who say that this has helped them to deal with Arthritis, Cancer, MS, Diabetes it is sad that this is not more widely used.

    Here are a few of the many people who have been helped. Here is one she mentions in passing: A farming family in Buchau on Lake Federsee had been wanting a son for over ten years. Would you believe that ten months after they consulted me on food and nutrition, I received a photograph of their first son and heir!

    This couple tried to have a child for ten years without success and shortly after adopting the Budwig Protocol and other probably other items mentioned by Dr Budwig were able to conceive. For them this was faster and less expensive than modern day fertility treatments.

    In another case she mentions two more who were healed: the husband had a tumour of the lung and whose daughter had a hopeless case of psoriasis and degeneration of the joints’ cartilage substance, and had been pronounced as incurable by several clinics.

    People who were told by the doctors they had not expectation that they could be helped found help by something so seemingly simple.

    It is common knowledge that Omega-3s have great benefit to the human body. The Budwig Protocol makes the Omega-3s easier for the body to absorb the Omega-3s.

    According to Dr Budwig the problem of “hardening of the arteries” comes as the body tries to deal with fats that it was not designed to process. Natural fats are able to pass through the finest capillaries of the body, but unnatural fats can’t. The body in an act of self defense isolates the bad fats by depositing the fats that it can’t process effectively on the walls of the arteries. When one engages in fasting the body then starts to remove the fats that have been deposited on the artery walls

    In more technical terms what Dr Budwig found was a low amount of Phosphatides and Lipoproteins in the blood of people with cancer. These are an important components of the cell membranes as such they make the protective exterior of the cell. They help with oxygenation and serve as a barrier to regulate what comes in and out the cells. Lipoproteins contain both lipids (fat) and protein. Phospholipids are essential fatty acids that are part of the cell membrane. When the cell membrane is full of oxygen, harmful bacteria cannot get into our cells.

    An issue comes about that when a fat is chemically processed and is bound to a protein it is no longer water soluble. The processing that she spoke about came during the creation of the fat such as margarine, or the type of feed that an animal ate.

    These industrial fats do not behave in the body as do natural fats. The industrial fats clog up the circulatory system, damage the function of the heart, impede the process of cell regeneration and negatively impact the flow of blood and lymph fluids.

    The cottage cheese that Dr Budwig used may be different from that of today. Cottage Cheese got its name as it was a simple cheese that someone would make in a cottage. When I read the list of ingredients on many cottage cheese containers this is not the case. The key to the Budwig protocol is not the cottage cheese, but the sulfa to make the flax oil water soluble. Kefir is easy to make at home and it has the sulfa, this makes it a substitute.

    One item that many leave out when doing the Budwig Protocol is exposure to sun. Dr. Budwig felt that this was important to activate the absorption of the Omega-3. This could be due to either Vitamin D or the Intracellular glutathione.

    There is one serious problem with the Budwig protocol and this is that it is very inexpensive, the cost of a simple meal. At the same time modern cancer treatments that are less effective have the cost of a new sports car and have potential long term consequences if the cancer has been treated. If you try the Budwig protocol as described for anything please let us know the results.

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