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By reading this site you are demonstrating a potential concern in maintaining good health. There are multiple things here that suggests ways you can do that. When it comes to the human body there are no guarantees. To determine if something you see is appropriate you need to check with your medical advisor. There are things that are on this site that are considered to be considered controversial by the medical community at large. The official stance of the medical community also varies from country to country. Many of the items that appear on this site have not be written by doctors or medical professionals.

The information here is not meant to replace the attention or instruction of your physician or other advisers. Nothing should by assumed to be personal medical advice for any individual. Prior to undertaking action including a lifestyle change for better health or to deal with a specific issue one should seek and get advice of a qualified medical professional. If one does not do this then that accept full responsibility of the results.

For most health related issues there is nothing that can declare that it is one hundred percent record of success. Far from it. In cancer treatments for example there is always a risk involved., the Nutrition Watchman, writers are not responsible for any adverse effects or results as a result of using information on this site.


When examining the concept of nutrition there are may times unknown variables. Take something as simple as flour. There are many people who have gluten allergies and they avoid wheat products. Most of the flour harvest and used to make wheat products is different that the wheat that was grown prior to the 1950’s. Some people who have gluten allergies when they eat bread made from grain that has not been manipulated by various techniques do not experience the wheat allergy. In this case the allergy is not to the gluten, but to the scientific manipulations that wheat has experienced.

Consider chicken eggs. When a chicken has a diet of grain as compared to a diet of greens, the amount of Omega 3s is double. When a chicken is allowed to roam free and eat what it wants in a village setting the shell is harder, the yoke is larger with a brighter color, and the taste of the egg is different.

Another common allergy is to Lactose and milk has been identified as the issue. Many people who have a Lactose allergy to Pasteurised milk, do not have a reaction to raw milk. For these people the allergy is not to milk, but to the industrial processing that milk is subjected to.

In these three examples it is clear that things as simple as flour, eggs and milk have a number of variables that have the ability to alter their basic nature.